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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is this service all about?
a) tweet2me allows mobile users to post status text update to their Twitter profile by sending SMS to 28933 ("2twee")
b) Users can also receive unlimited SMS alerts on their mobile phones for tweets from any public Twitter account (such as Star Online) and also from their friends which they follow on Twitter (permission from their friend to allow may be required)
2. How to sign up this service using SMS?
To subscribe to Maxis tweet2me service, send an SMS with keyword ON TW to 28933 ("2twee")
3. How to follow a Twitter account?
To follow a Twitter account, send FOL <username> to 28933 ("2twee"). e.g: FOL STARONLINE
4. How much will be the charge for using the service?
The service will be charge at a weekly fee of RM1 only (Price exclusive of 6% GST).
There will not be any other extra charges (zero charge) for receiving SMS alerts or sending SMS update to 28933 ("2twee").
5. How can I setup my personal Twitter account & request permission from friends (i.e. to access to protected account/ private timeline)?
You can go to web site to sign-in with your Twitter account & follow the step-by-step guide.
6. How do I temporary stop receiving all Twitter alerts from this service?
To temporary turn off (disable) alerts - send an SMS with keyword OFF to 28933 ("2twee").
To turn on (enable) again & receiving alerts - send an SMS with keyword ON to 28933 ("2twee").
7. How do I stop follow (unfollow) a Twitter account?
To stop following a Twitter account - send UNFOL <username> to 28933 ("2twee").
8. How do I cancel/terminate tweet2me service subscription?
To terminate the service and remove your user profile permanently - send STOP TWEET2ME to 28933 ("2twee").
9. What are the handsets which support this service?
To send text status update to Twitter or receive SMS tweets, only a basic SMS capable phone is required.
10. Will I be charge for using GPRS when logon to Twitter / tweet2me page from WAP?
Standard data (GPRS/3G) charges may apply.
11. Can I receive alert message from Twitter friends who are not with Maxis?
Yes, you can follow any public Twitter account or friends Twitter account regardless whether they are using Maxis or not.
12. How can I receive more Twitter texts after I have reached my daily limit?
You will receive a SMS notification when you have reached your daily limit. Reply to this text with "RESET" to reset your limit for that day.
13. Can I still send update to Twitter or receive tweets alert messages while roaming in foreign countries network? What are the charges?
Yes, you can still use the service within Maxis roaming partner's network. Standard roaming charges apply; you can check the rates from Maxis web site.
14. Can I send update message in different languages i.e. non-English (e.g. Chinese, Arabic, Japanese & etc)?
Yes, language option (in Unicode format) is supported. Please take note that language option and maximum length of the SMS message depends on your phone capability.

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